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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's Happening at Amy & Mr. Ito

Just wanted to share the happenings at Amy & Mr. Ito, my new food blog.  I'm trying to get it off the ground and need your help!  Please take a look at and become a follower of the blog and a Facebook fan (just click on the link on the sidebar)!  

Thanks for your support, guys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our New Home (Almost!)!!

I'd like to introduce to you the Lansers' future home!  We just had the inspection done, and everything is all clear.  Now, we wait until mid-April, when we move!  Here are some (I'll admit, sub-par) photos for your enjoyment. :)

Welcome Home!

Here's a view of the backyard...
...and the garage.
Through the front door, you step into the living room.
Then move on through the house to the kitchen:
Here are the two bedrooms on the main floor.
And, of course, the bathroom (the photo doesn't do it justice!).
Here's the upstairs master bedroom (please excuse the fuzziness!):
And finally, the hubs's domain. :)
Unfortunately, the TV doesn't come with. :(

It's a great house, and we are very excited!  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Blog!

Hello All!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted here, but I've been working on my new food blog that will probably take over this one, eventually.  You can find it at I'll be adding things to it on a fairly regular basis, and hopefully getting my butt in gear and getting some photos up for recipes, etc.  Please go check it out and become a follower if you like what you see!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here is a "week in review":

1.  Made an offer on the house below; two other offers cropped up the day after, and we lost the bidding war.  It was upsetting last week, but now the hubs and I are over it and we're going looking again this weekend.

2.  Read two McMurtry books in a week, Horseman, Pass By and Streets of Laredo, further cementing my opinion that McMurtry is an American master and will be in American Literature Anthologies in fifty years or so, next to Hemingway, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald.  I've now made it a goal to read all of his works by the end of the year, and start collecting copies of them for my own library.  Including Horsemen and Streets, I've read nine already, and have another out from the library.  I prefer his "present-day" novels to the Old West ones, though the latter are definitely growing on me.    

3.  I got new glasses that are going to be my new staple(as George Costanza says, "my new face"), as opposed to contacts.  I think they're pretty good-looking.  Perhaps I'll post a picture!

4.  I've also done some thinking about the direction I want the blog to go.  Should it be random ramblings about the minutiae of my life, or take a more focused tack?  I was discussing this with friends over a great burger at Burger Jones; I think the best job one could have would be a food critic.  Getting paid to eat wonderful food and getting waited on hand and foot seems like the life to me, although food bloggers are a dime a dozen and it's not like I'd be working for New York Times Magazine or anything.  

5.  In my further study into point four above, I took a couple of food books out of the library, just to see what food writing looks like.  The two I got are A Stew or a Story: An Assortment of Short Works by MFK Fisher, edited by Joan Reardon, and Delizia!, a book that tracks the history of Italy through its food.  I haven't started Delizia!, but I am 100 pages into Stew or Story and have loved every page.  I am actually just getting into the food writing portion of the book; the first chapter is devoted to three short stories, two of which are some of the best pieces of short fiction I've read in a long time.  "What Happened to Miss Browning" is especially delightful (that's all I'm saying for now; you'll have to read it!).  Perhaps I'll do a review of this book when I'm finished with it.

6.  In conclusion, I may focus Western Shorebirds into a more gastronomic venture, or I may start a whole new blog devoted to that.  You'll have to wait and see!  Now I'm upset that I didn't take photos of the Chicken Rochne Casserole I made for dinner.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Folks, We May Have a Winner!

The hubs and I had a quite successful house hunting run yesterday, and saw a house that we think may be the one!  It's in Robbinsdale in a nice neighborhood, and is essentially turn-key: New furnace, new roof, renovated and decorated rooms, a fence, and a nice, big basement that has finishing possibilities.  I actually took pictures of my own, so I can conduct a virtual tour for you now!

Here's a photo of the front of the house...
...and the back (through the back porch door.  I know, it's not a great photo.  Note the two-car garage!).
Here's the kitchen.  I love the color of the cabinets!
Here are pictures of the bright living room and the nice sitting area, which was an addition.

Now for the master bedroom...with two closets!

And the second bedroom (it's a terrible picture, I know)...
Finally, here is a shot of the 3/4 bath in the otherwise unfinished basement. 

That's it!  We really like this one!  Let us know what you all think!

Also, congratulations to my cousin and to good friends in the cities who added new members to their families this weekend!  Welcome to the world, Finlay and Abigail!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shorebird Gets in Touch with Her Duck Cousins

I've always enjoyed swimming.  I took swimming lessons for what seems like my entire childhood, either at camp or through my hometown's winter swim lesson program.  When I was a counselor in training at Camp Newfound in 2000, I swam multiple times a day, trying to complete the 100 mile challenge (I didn't get there...stupid lazy younger self!), and participating in several 2-mile "Harrison Swims".  I would have certainly been on the Nashoba High School Swim Team if such a thing existed (I guess they held practices in the third floor pool).

In high school and college, I got certified as a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor and taught summer camp swimming lessons near my hometown.  I learned how to perfect my strokes and show kids how to do the same.  I did that for 6 years, and then didn't swim at all for 3!

So, I've decided to take full advantage of my fitness center's pool and try to get back in the "swim of things".  I'm going to keep track of how far I swim on the blog so you can see how I'm doing.  Once I work up to a full mile (1800 yards), I'm going to try some more complex workouts I've found on the internet, all of which are 2000 yards in length.  

Wish me luck!  Maybe someday I'll be a real swimmer!  Masters, here I come!