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Friday, November 27, 2009

No Christmas for the Shorebirds :(

After fifteen minutes of moving boxes and looking forlornly into the storage unit, it has become apparent to me and my husband that we will not be decorating for Christmas this year.  Our wreath is on the bottom of a floor-to-ceiling (light) stack of boxes; I don't have a clue where the other trimmings are.  So, we're dependent on the few ornaments my mother sent from Mass and reindeer napkins that happened to be in the apartment already.  I'll probably go out and get some red candles for the holders on the table as well.  Our apartment will be the most sadly-decorated home on the shore, I'm afraid. :(

On another note, Thanksgiving was awesome, and I need to give a shout-out to our hosts who did a fantastic job feeding 20 people (up from 19!).  My husband and I have an entire salad and bowl of mashed potatoes left over that we'll be nursing for a few days...yum!  I got to talk greyhounds with a couple that was there, and that was awesome as well.  I can't wait to buy a home! :)

Happy Black Friday!

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