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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slow, Gray Day on the Western Shore

Not a whole lot going on today on the western shore.  It's almost snowing (but not quite--sky's stuck in that dull gray color), it's quite chilly, and I didn't go to yoga.  I plan on spending the rest of the day drinking tea and writing, and I will also probably have to go to work at some point during the evening. 

Thought I'd share some sites that I visit on a frequent basis.  Most of them reveal my ridiculous obsession with animal rescue (ridiculous because I'm not yet even a volunteer and I cannot foster because I rent).

Animal Folks MN (Campaign to legislate against puppy mills in MN)
Grey2K USA (National organization to end greyhound racing across the country)
The MLS Online (MLS listings!)
Stop Puppy Mills Campaign (Humane Society of the United States website; watch a video of a rescue to see why puppy mills are so evil)
Minnesota Greyhound Rescue (Anti-racing greyhound rescue)
Click To Give (Click a button, donate a bowl of food to animal shelters!)

Happy perusing!

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