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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Water's Out...

Well, the water's out...again.  This time without warning.  I feel that this warrants the creation of a list of reasons why my husband and I desperately want to buy a home:

1.  The water won't go out unexpectedly.  If it does, it's in your power to fix it asap.
2.  We can finally get a greyhound.
3.  We'll have a yard.
4.  Greyhound.
5.  We can finally bring our loveseat/piles of books/rest of our stuff out of storage.
6.  Greyhound!
7.  Free laundry!
8.  We'll have an office.
9.  We can have parties and we won't have to run down three flights of stairs to let people in.
10.  GREYHOUND!!!!

There you go.  Add "counterspace" to the list and it will be complete.  


  1. You definitely should have stayed over last night after everyone left and Steve and I watched the Bullshit! episode entitled 'Pet Love'.

  2. OOO! Sorry I missed that! I'm sure you would have had some fun making fun of me. :)