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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Western Shore?

The western shore of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, of course.  My husband and I recently relocated here from Florida in July, and moved into a nice apartment complex on the western shore of Lake Calhoun, and have been enjoying the fruits of our housing choice ever since.

This oft-overlooked part of Minneapolis is on the western edge of Uptown, almost in the western suburbs. It bridges the space between trendy downtown and stodgy suburb; a stop along the road from recent grad to "settled".  We don't stay out quite as late around here (well, most of us), and we prefer to chat at bars rather than blow our eardrums out listening to the newest pop/hiphop/rap star, but we still enjoy spending our nights with good food and good friends rather than in front of the television.  We've graduated from boxed wine to Two Buck Chuck, but can't reason spending over $25 on a bottle of our favorite red.

Life is pretty nice over here.  Plenty of excellent restaurants, good shopping, and a beautiful lake to walk around.  It's no mistake that the more peaceful, sylvan part of the route around the lake is the western shore.    


  1. If you'd added, "is warm like Florida, but not as humid" I'd be packing bags right now.

  2. Hahaha! if only that were true...