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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I love the snowstorm we're experiencing on the western shore right now, the blizzard has brought a bout of ill occurrences to the shorebird household.  

First of all, I, on a whim, started a free 7-day trial of WOW, which the hubs and I haven't played for almost a year.  I rolled a Blood Elf Warlock, and I have been trapped in the world (of warcraft) ever since.  I cannot find a way out, there is no portal to RL (real life), nor are there quests to "Do the Dishes" or "Make the Bed".  Why not just stop, you say?  Obviously, you haven't played this game!

Partly because I'm stuck in the world of warcraft, and partly because of the snowstorm, I haven't been to the gym since Sunday.  I can't bring myself to dig out my car just for some physical punishment.  I would do Jackie Warner, but our XBox is with a friend and we don't have a DVD player.  So, I'm feeling gross.  I fasted today until 2, and that made me feel a little better.  

Lastly, and the biggest reason today is such a bummer, is that we shorebirds did not get pre-approved for a mortgage.  This really bummed me out, and I haven't heard back from the hubs so I'm not sure his feelings toward it at this point (he's returning to the world of dungeons and dragons this evening, so who knows when I'll see him in RL again.  Yes, I know.  We're HUGE nerds.).  The reasons were that we don't have enough of "our" money right now for the down payment they want, and that we would be buying in a restricted market (read: homes are selling for below normal market prices.  Um....duh?!).  So, we'll be hanging out on the western shore for a while more, it seems.  The worst part of this is that our dog dreams are dashed for a bit (heehee...alliteration!), and the rescue groups are going to overloaded with Dairyland dogs, and we won't be able to lighten the load by adopting or fostering.  :(

The only good thing at the moment is a new position that opened up at an animal shelter that I am applying for.  It's as a humane educator and would fill up some time in the morning and early afternoon.  If I could get it, we could save both of my paychecks and get closer to the house (and the greyhound).  Wish me luck!

Signing off, and signing into WOW....  


  1. Sorry to hear about the mortgage! To be Polly-Anna-ish about it, at least you should have more saved later when you do get approved, and can possibly get a nicer house?

    Best of luck with the new job app... that sounds like a good place for you to be. Is there any way you can volunteer to help the pooches? I feel so bad for them - someone at work here was talking about adopting one, too... hopefully they can all find homes!

    I hear you about the gym! I'm wondering if I'll have the self-control to make myself go tonight (I stayed in last night). And no more fasting! It slows down your metabolism! Ciao, bella! Have fun in your WW land. ;o)

  2. You're a big nerd? You should try being a GM and an IT geek. :)