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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Come On, Wisconsin!

During my routine morning website perusal, I read a disturbing blog post by the coordinator of Minnesota Greyhound Rescue that neither Wisconsin's Division of Gaming nor Dairyland Greyhound Park will be helping the dogs find new homes.  They are essentially washing their hands of the dogs they have bred, raced, and exploited for years, which is reprehensible.  

Hundreds of dogs are affected by the closing of the track, and greyhound rescue groups from around the country are committing themselves to insuring the dogs have a place to go after December 31st, even though it is not their responsibility to do so, and it will require an enormous effort.  At least some people have the dogs' interest at heart.  The entire situation gives more fuel to the greyhound advocate's fire: The way the park and kennel owners plan to abandon their wards after the track closes is indicative of their general regard for the dogs in their care.  All the more reason for this cruel industry to be shut down. 

The Greyhound Alliance is the place to go for more information regarding these dogs, and possibly volunteer and make a donation that will help make sure the dogs are safe and secure come New Year's Day.   

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