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Monday, December 21, 2009

Epic Fail Jack Frost!

I woke up this morning psyched about pilates (it was awesome, by the way).  As I was getting ready to go, I went through my usual rigmarole of checking the CS Monitor, NPR, and MPR websites.  I clicked on my MPR bookmark, looked at the headline, and wanted to cry.  This is what I read:

"All signs today point to a major winter storm tracking into Minnesota for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. If you are planning travel anywhere in the Upper Midwest by car of air later this week, be prepared for heavy snow and major winter storm conditions."

/cry.  The hubs and I are desperately thinking up ways to circumvent this storm, which lies smack dab in the middle of our route to Lincoln, which we were planning to travel Christmas Eve.  Airfare is through the roof, rental cars would cost as much as a plane ticket, and there was a funny sentence in the report mentioning how it would be impossible to travel through "open areas" during the storm (Hello!? IOWA!?).

So, we're hoping that somehow Jack Frost calls off this storm and lets it sit over Texas and Oklahoma for the holidays (Merry Christmas, Texas shorebirds!).  But if he decides to go through with creating a wicked white Christmas, the hubs and I may be snowed in.  

Epic fail, Jack Frost!  

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