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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is interesting.  Goldgar would be disappointed, but I think my St. Paul lawyer soon-to be-president friend (you know who you are!) has found his niche.

It looks like America's gone old school:
Big Whigs
The Modern Whig Party
MN Whig Party

I can't tell if it's legit middle-of-the-road stuff, or conservatism in disguise.  I like the MN chapter's views on gay marriage and gun control, but am wary of the lack of discussion of abortion rights (on the state level), have distaste for the immigration policies, and downright amused by their discussion of private jets (see the MN platform under "Energy").

Also, they have the best political mascot--the owl.  I'm not posting it here due to copyright laws, but you should totally check it out.

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