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Monday, December 14, 2009

I Stubbornly Refuse to Get Behind in Blog Posts... I'm posting, even if it's incredibly mundane.

I'm pulling a Benjamin Franklin, and listing everything I did today.

1. Got up.  This took a great effort.
2. Discovered it had snowed.  Contemplated going back to bed.
3. Drove to the gym.
4. Busted my ass in pilates (I didn't know my body could bend that way!)
5. Took a shower.
6. Ate a going-rotten salad, determined to stay primal today.  Also, I can't stand seeing the greens go to waste.
7. Ate a chocolate.  Technically, it's primal.
8. Wrapped presents.  And watched Bones.
9. Wrapped presents.  And watched 30 Rock.
10.  Contemplated starting some cookies, but realized that I didn't have any vanilla.  Crap!
11.  Tried to find the Olive Garden that's on the way to work.  Drove up and down Wayzata Blvd. doing so, then gave up and got on 394.
12.  Teached the kiddos.  Yes, I teached them.
13.  Went to TJ's to pick up aforementioned vanilla.
14.  Entered the apartment with glazed eyes and a growling stomach...Barked at the hubs...Microwaved leftovers, and regained sanity.
15.  Watched The Colbert Report.
16.  Sweet, sweet WOW.
17.  Blog post.

So, there's my incredibly mundane blog post for Monday.  Mission accomplished!

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