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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Homemade Stockings

Well, I mentioned that I would post about the process of making our Christmas stockings, so here goes.  I have to extend my gratitude to LaureLaura for helping me with my first sewing project!  Needless to say, I'm quite proud of myself; I think they turned out great!

Ahh, JoAnn Fabrics.  How cavernous and expansive you are.  Choosing a fabric I thought that I would like through the years turned out to be more difficult than I thought.  It also almost made me late for work!  I settled on a beautiful red brocade fabric that had green on the reverse--perfect for a stocking cuff.  I purchased enough for two normal stockings and a few smaller, pet stockings (which I'll make next year).  Here's the fabric:

After finding the perfect fabric, LaureLaura sent me a pattern, which I doubled, cut out, pinned to my fabric, and trimmed around.  I made sure that the pattern was aligned the correct way, and that I had two sides facing left, and two facing right, so they would fit together as a stocking.  I also cut out a five-inch strip to create the cuff.  After ironing everything and pinning the stocking sides together I was ready to sew.

Eeek!!! So scary!  I had never used one before I made my stockings, so learning how to use it was quite scary (but straightforward once LaureLaura explained it all to me).  So, I learned how to thread the bobbin and the needle, adjust the little foot that keeps the fabric in place, and calibrate the pressure my foot put on the pedal (just like driving a car...).

After that, I took my pinned stockings and began to run them through the sewing machine.  It was quite exciting!  I messed up my first toe (it's a little pointy, and now the hub's stocking!), but everything was smooth sailing after that.  Here I am at work:


Now it was time for the tricky part: The cuff.  Laurelaura helped me iron and sew the five-inch pieces I cut out earlier into a tube.  We then pinned the cuffs onto the stockings, and I attached them by sewing into the inside of the stocking, moving in a circle as I pushed the whole thing through the sewing machine.  It was pretty difficult, but my stitch wavered in only a few places.

After the cuffs were attached, I ironed out the stockings...

...and the hubs trimmed the strings from the hem inside the stocking.

Voila!  New, handmade stockings for our first Christmas together!  Thanks, Laurelaura!

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