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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy National Bird Day!

Happy National Bird Day!

As a student of ornithology (yes, it's true! One month off the grid in Ely, MN!), I have a strange love of birds and birdwatching that keeps me in tune with my future elderly self.  I love listening to birds when I'm out on a hike and trying to find the source of the tune with my binoculars.  So, to celebrate Nat'l Bird Day, I'd like to share some fun bird activities from the NBD website:

Name That Tune!

Spot Your State Bird (it's the loon if you live in Minnesota)

Of course, you could go outside and try to spot some of our feathered friends, but given that it's -2 on the shore today, I bet the birds are nestled all snug in their...nests.  Installing a bird feeder near a window is a great way to spot some songbirds (as well as a squirrel or two) during the winter, if you own a home.  

Me, all I can see out my window are crows on rooftops.  I know the cats like them!

Happy National Bird Day!

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