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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome, 2010!

The hubs and I are really excited about all the things that 2010 may hold.  A new home, new fur babies, and finally feeling like we're making money instead of just getting by.  2009 was a good year, and a lot happened in those 365 days, but we're happy that 2010 will be mellow and we will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy married life.  

To help Western Shorebirds welcome in 2010, I'd like to take a census of my readers.  I know that you're out there because I hear off-hand comments regarding posts, but I'd like to have a more concrete idea of my readership (I'm sure it will be a humbling experience).  To those who are already followers, thanks!  If you're not, please help me out and do one of the following:

a. Follow Western Shorebirds using Google Friend Connect (and make me feel popular :-P)
b. Write a short comment (an emoticon would be sufficient) as a response to this post.  Post topics would be welcome, as well.  

Thanks in advance!  Here's to a wonderful 2010!


  1. Well, you know that Meag and I read this. Have a happy new year! Hopefully we can get out and visit sometime this year.

  2. Hello from Washington! Yup, NavyGuy and I are both regular readers, and it's great hearing what you guys are up to. Whatever topics you like - just keep writing! :)

    And yes, of course, you can add lists of movies and books :)

  3. Hi! I saw your blog when you posted on Facebook, and I've been reading it via google reader, to which I am addicted. You're a great writer, and you've gotten me interested in the primal diet (I haven't known anyone who eats that way before.) Keep it up :-) Happy 2010,
    -Elissa Harbert

  4. I read this and poke at Cassie and Tiff about it.