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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big News!

It's been quite a while since I last posted.  One might assume that I was super-busy; nothing could be farther from the truth.  I am home all morning long, and could post then, but the inspiration hasn't struck in a long time.  This is partly because nothing is going on, but mostly due to laziness. :)

However, something big did happen to the hubs and I this weekend--we got pre-approved for a mortgage!  We're very excited.  We are going with an FHA loan and looking at homes in the southwest metro area.  We're especially interested in homes that fall under the generous Hennepin County loan program.  The program gives loans to homeowners who buy bank-owned homes in certain cities--between $10,000 and $30,000!  There is also a $25,000 renovation loan that is available through Hennepin County.  

So, to keep you all clued into the process, I'm going to post a daily "house of interest" and see what you all think!  See above for the first home.


  1. Am I missing the house link? I don't see anything...

    On an unrelated note, NavyGuy and I are going to be in Minneapolis the weekend of Feb. 20th! We don't have firm plans yet, but hopefully you guys are around :)

    And on another unrelated note, great job on the books so far! I loved Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - the author has another book out (Peony in Love) that I may have to try. Did you enjoy Edgar Sawtelle? I tried starting it twice and despite Oprah's recommendation, just couldn't get into it.

  2. Oh! And congrats on the mortgage pre-approval!!!

  3. Hi NavyGirl!

    There's a link in the post "House of Interest #1". It's the line of text that lists the MLS number, price, and phone number. I just tested the link and it seems to work.

    Hooray on the visit! We will put you on the calendar for that weekend, so we remember you're here. :) We're usually in town during the weekends because I work Saturday mornings and Eric has basketball games on Sundays. Yah!

    As for the books--yes, I loved Snow Flower! It was a recommendation from Eric's mom, who has excellent taste in books. Such a beautifully told story. I liked Sawtelle, but I was more impressed with the first 100 pages than the last few hundred. I think that Wroblewski has a gift with words, but I didn't like the chain of events in the novel; it was kind of depressing.

    What's been your favorite book from the challenge so far?