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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Folks, We May Have a Winner!

The hubs and I had a quite successful house hunting run yesterday, and saw a house that we think may be the one!  It's in Robbinsdale in a nice neighborhood, and is essentially turn-key: New furnace, new roof, renovated and decorated rooms, a fence, and a nice, big basement that has finishing possibilities.  I actually took pictures of my own, so I can conduct a virtual tour for you now!

Here's a photo of the front of the house...
...and the back (through the back porch door.  I know, it's not a great photo.  Note the two-car garage!).
Here's the kitchen.  I love the color of the cabinets!
Here are pictures of the bright living room and the nice sitting area, which was an addition.

Now for the master bedroom...with two closets!

And the second bedroom (it's a terrible picture, I know)...
Finally, here is a shot of the 3/4 bath in the otherwise unfinished basement. 

That's it!  We really like this one!  Let us know what you all think!

Also, congratulations to my cousin and to good friends in the cities who added new members to their families this weekend!  Welcome to the world, Finlay and Abigail!


  1. Thanks, Lloyd! We're excited about it!

  2. Like like like!! YAY! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

  3. That's awesome! Looks great, hope it works out for you guys.

  4. I like it, but how will Eric get into the bed with that gate-thing up?

  5. I think we all agreed you should go buy it! Unless of course you want to move to FL..