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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House of Interest #1

Here's House of Interest #1. The MLS number is 3867275. I don't want to violate copyright laws concerning the photos of the home, so I've provided a link to the listing below. - Richfield Listing, $122,400, MLS#3867275 - Call 763-576-8286

This is a home that qualifies for the Hennepin County loan program. It is a bank-owned home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice backyard, and a garage. It has radiator heat (for better or for worse), and it doesn't look like it has a dishwasher. It also has some funky carpet and paint jobs, which can be remedied in a day or two.

We haven't seen the home yet, and I know that pictures can lie, but this looks like it could be a good investment, especially if we could get the $25,000 renovation loan.

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


  1. Looks like it has potential! You'd be blocks from the airport runway, so hopefully it's well insulated against noise, but you'd also be right my favorite dog park, the best Home Depot around, AND Nokomis!

    Have you driven by it at all to see what it looks like/what the neighborhood's like? (some areas of Richfield can be iffy).

  2. Yeah, the neighborhood thing is my only qualm. I'm not sure what it's like. Given that it's near the airport, it may not be the best in that area. As far as noise goes, though, I've been looking at the runway angles (which our friends in Nokomis say makes a big difference), and the house doesn't seem to be under any path. But, we'll see on Sunday (we're looking then!)!

  3. Looks like the house has lots of potential - have fun house touring! Take lots of pictures and lots of notes about what you like and don't like. Once you've seen a few, they'll all start to blend together :)

  4. Mostly because it's my area of expertise, and I love talking about aviation, I looked at where the house is located in relationship to KMSP. First off, one thing to note, depending on the weather and winds, the airport will use different runways on different days, so just because it's quiet one day does not guarantee that everyday. By looking at the airport diagram and approaches, it looks like the main issues you'd have are with the larger RWY 12R/30L and the smaller 17/35. Both of these runways have CAT III ILS approaches which means they are primary runways to be used by airliners in bad weather, which probably means they use them a lot, even in good weather. However, neither is truly lined up directly over that house, and modern turbofan jet engine noise dissipates quite quickly, so usually there shouldn't be too big of a problem. Take a look when you're there and note if you see jets taking off or landing and maybe try to drive by some day when the wind is coming from the opposite direction and stand outside and see how the noise is then. Anyway, I'm sure that was way more info than you wanted, but like I said, I'm an aviation nerd. BTW, I sent your husband an email about our coming to MN.

  5. Rearden, you're awesome! Thanks for the info! And here I was, merely using the angles of the runways to make a judgment! :)

    I'm really hoping we can see you guys when you're out here! Once a week we mourn the loss of you guys to Washington. :)

  6. There's also a requirement that homes around the airport are insulated for noise. Not sure on the specifics.