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Saturday, February 6, 2010

House of Interest #4

Here's number four: - Robbinsdale Listing - $144,900 - MLS#3865608 - Call 763-576-8286

Pros: It's large (4 bedrooms!). It has a nice, fenced-in backyard. It's a corner lot. There's a big garage and a storage shed. The interior needs updating, but does not appear to be too severe in its need for renovating (although the kitchen is ominously absent from the photos).

Cons: The bedrooms are kind of small. The bathroom is just weird! The basement looks bizarre, but I remember Laurelaura's "before" pictures of her basement prior to renovation, so I know that it is not unsalvageable.

Not too much to say on this one, I guess. Can't wait until tomorrow!


  1. I am so excited for you! I really like #2 and #4. I like the idea of the farmhouse in the city. #3's tower in the back is a big problem for me. #1 is cute from the outside, but the inside especially the kitchen (and nonexistent bathrooms) concern me. I hope your looking goes well tomorrow.

  2. Thank you! We're looking forward to it!

  3. It was so fun seeing you last night (and hearing all about your house-hunting experiences)! Thanks for posting all of these... best of luck as you continue looking!