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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here is a "week in review":

1.  Made an offer on the house below; two other offers cropped up the day after, and we lost the bidding war.  It was upsetting last week, but now the hubs and I are over it and we're going looking again this weekend.

2.  Read two McMurtry books in a week, Horseman, Pass By and Streets of Laredo, further cementing my opinion that McMurtry is an American master and will be in American Literature Anthologies in fifty years or so, next to Hemingway, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald.  I've now made it a goal to read all of his works by the end of the year, and start collecting copies of them for my own library.  Including Horsemen and Streets, I've read nine already, and have another out from the library.  I prefer his "present-day" novels to the Old West ones, though the latter are definitely growing on me.    

3.  I got new glasses that are going to be my new staple(as George Costanza says, "my new face"), as opposed to contacts.  I think they're pretty good-looking.  Perhaps I'll post a picture!

4.  I've also done some thinking about the direction I want the blog to go.  Should it be random ramblings about the minutiae of my life, or take a more focused tack?  I was discussing this with friends over a great burger at Burger Jones; I think the best job one could have would be a food critic.  Getting paid to eat wonderful food and getting waited on hand and foot seems like the life to me, although food bloggers are a dime a dozen and it's not like I'd be working for New York Times Magazine or anything.  

5.  In my further study into point four above, I took a couple of food books out of the library, just to see what food writing looks like.  The two I got are A Stew or a Story: An Assortment of Short Works by MFK Fisher, edited by Joan Reardon, and Delizia!, a book that tracks the history of Italy through its food.  I haven't started Delizia!, but I am 100 pages into Stew or Story and have loved every page.  I am actually just getting into the food writing portion of the book; the first chapter is devoted to three short stories, two of which are some of the best pieces of short fiction I've read in a long time.  "What Happened to Miss Browning" is especially delightful (that's all I'm saying for now; you'll have to read it!).  Perhaps I'll do a review of this book when I'm finished with it.

6.  In conclusion, I may focus Western Shorebirds into a more gastronomic venture, or I may start a whole new blog devoted to that.  You'll have to wait and see!  Now I'm upset that I didn't take photos of the Chicken Rochne Casserole I made for dinner.  

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